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8th international symposium on Accidental Hypothermia

Suttie Centre for Teaching & Learning in Healthcare, Foresterhill Road Foresterhill AB25 2ZD United Kingdom. Symposium on accidental hypothermia. International speakers, case discussions from recent uk cases. Session on recent research studies
Sa., 6. April, 9:00 Uhr bis
Sa., 6. April 2024, 17:00 Uhr

The symposium is dedicated to enhancing outcomes in cases of accidental hypothermia. Throughout the day, we will delve into a wide spectrum of themes, ranging from mountainous terrains to coastal environments. Our discussions will encompass the identification and treatment of mild hypothermia to the complexities of cardiac arrest and extracorporeal rewarming.

Esteemed international experts in the field will share their experiences and insights, offering valuable tips. Additionally, we are privileged to present a series of case reports from the United Kingdom. This event is tailored for both pre-hospital responders and hospital physicians who routinely encounter patients with hypothermia.




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