Women going altitude conference

On the weekend of 10-11 September 2022, the UIAA – in collaboration with the Swiss Alpine Club, Swiss SportClinic, SGGM (Swiss Society for Mountain Medicine) and the ISMM (International Society for Mountain Medicine) – will organise a Women Going to Altitude Conference.
Sa., 10. September bis
So., 11. September 2022

The UIAA Medical Commission hosted its first ever Women Going to Altitude conference on 10-11 September. During the event some pre-eminent experts provided engaging, scientific and inspirational talks on a wealth of topics related to women at altitude. Over 60 people attended the conference including international delegates from the Czech Republic, Nepal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The concept for the conference, held in Pontresina, Switzerland, was created by UIAA Medical Commission President Urs Hefti. The day after delegates were able to enjoy a walk to the Morteratsch Glacier. With the aim of making this valuable information available to more people, the event was livestreamed by the UIAA and now available as a replay on YouTube.

The UIAA is asking anyone who watches virtually, and who enjoys the conference, to consider making a contribution to the UIAA's fundraising page. This is in lieu of the UIAA charging a registration fee to those watching online. The UIAA thanks everyone who has already donated.

The list of speakers and topics were:

  • Monika Brodmann, Switzerland, Women going to altitude
  • Heleen Meijer, Netherlands, Female specific mountain medicine
  • Susmita Maskey, Nepal, Women going to altitude – a bizarre away for emancipation
  • Billi Bierling, Germany/Switzerland, It's high time for women
  • Mia Destine, USA, AMS, HACE and women
  • Jacqueline Pichler-Hefti, Switzerland, Does sex make a difference to HAPE susceptibility and performance?
  • Lenka Horakova, Czech Republic, Contraception at high altitude: should I do anything differently?
  • Dominique Jean, France, Altitude and pregnancy
  • Linda Keyes, USA, Menopause and women
  • Susi Kriemler, Switzerland, Injury and death in the mountains. Is there a gender difference?
  • To discover more about the UIAA's pioneering work in mountain medicine click here.

Photo credits: Raphaela Pichler


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