Ward, Milledge and West's High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

6. neu überarbeitete Auflage des Standardwerks, 2021

Englisch Ausgabe von Andrew M. Luks (Autor), Philip N. Ainslie (Autor), Justin S. Lawley (Autor), Robert Roach (Autor), Tatum S. Simonson (Autor)

This pre-eminent work has developed over six editions in response to man's attempts to climb higher and higher unaided, and to spend more time at altitude for both work and recreation. Building on this established reputation, the new and highly experienced authors provide a fully revised and updated text that will help doctors continue to improve the health and safety of all people who visit, live or work in the cold, thin air of high mountains.
The sixth edition remains invaluable for any doctor accompanying an expedition or advising patients on a visit to altitude, those specialising in illness and accidents in high places, and for physicians and physiologists who study our dependence on oxygen and the adaptation of the body to altitude.

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